In this free lesson you will learn a few basic burlesque movements, including

—not so much as to intimidate you, but just enough—trust me, you’ll have a blast!

My name is Carolina Cerisola, and I have been dancing burlesque professionally for fifteen years. I was the headliner at the Forty-Deuce burlesque club in Hollywood for five years—and now, I want to share my love of burlesque with you!


What my clients say...

Carlee Santarelli

Carolina’s videos are so much fun! I’m not a dancer, but they way she explains the moves and breaks them down makes it easy for anyone to learn. Her videos help me feel empowered, sexy, and comfortable in my own body.

Kyra Sedgwick

When I was preparing to shoot a burlesque scene Carolina’s video helped me so much and when I danced I totally channeled her !

Christina Villegas

Carolina is my dance idol. I look up to and admire this woman for so many reasons. Her dance style is unparalleled. She possesses beauty, grace, power, and a fierceness that is both feminine and sensual. She is absolutely mesmerizing to watch.

Never in my dreams did I think I would get the chance to dance with Carolina and one day the opportunity to take burlesque lessons arose and I took it. I LOVED it. I absorbed every detail of her instruction and was able to connect with my own sensuality and femininity, taking it to a totally different level that I did not think was possible. If you get the chance to take a lesson from her DO IT! You don’t need to be a dancer, just a woman who is ready to amplify HER sexy!

Lisa Bellamore

Carolina Cerisola is that rare breed of dancer who is equally gifted as a teacher. Her supportive and fun approach to the art of tease will make you feel your most beautiful, inside and out. Carolina breaks down the basics into simple steps so you’ll discover your inner burlesque bombshell in no time at all. Learning the art of tease from Carolina is one of the greatest gifts you can give your body, heart and soul.

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Come on—it’s time to have a little sensual fun dancing burlesque!